Google Play issues continuing Fixed.

Google Play required some changes in the way that they listed books coming through an aggregator, and though we made those changes well in advance of their deadline, the Magical Midway books have not been listed on Google Play since April 12th. Though we’ve made contact with them a few times and have been assured whatever review process we’re stuck in takes 7 days, 12 days later we find the books are still unavailable.

Folks that read on Google Play can currently purchase the books through our Payhip store and then upload the epub to their Google Play account by using the directions here if you’re at a point where you need the next book and you don’t want to wait.

If you’d prefer to do it the easy way, please know that we’re doing everything we can to nudge Google Play into processing the books when they stated they would do so, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

All fixed!

Same face, different writer

When I started writing novels in my mid-forties, I began the journey with several clear understandings about how I work. As an executive, my efficiency had depended upon particular features of my temperament I assumed were enduring. As a writer, I tried to apply those same aspects to my new career.

  • I don’t like to multi-task. I hyper-focus on things and grind it out until it’s done. No breaks, no stops, no rest for the weary.
  • I get more accomplished by hyper-focus thing then I would taking breaks or jumping from task to task. Nose to the grindstone, that’s me.
  • I like deep focusing on one thing. Write one series at a time, live in it, know it backward and forward. No distractions.
  • I write better at night.
  • I crave deadlines.

Understanding that this was who I was, and this is how I worked for years, this is how I started my writing career.

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Aries New Moon 2019: Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

When I decided in January to leave KindleUnlimited, it was a difficult choice. I’m profoundly introverted, and I think rather slowly about the most significant decisions. Besides, I have a fierce loyalty toward those I feel an obligation to. All of those things made booking out of the Amazon-exclusive machine a tense, nerve-wracking decision.

The math, though, didn’t work. I wish it had because being Amazon-exclusive was undoubtedly easier in many ways.

It felt like a New Moon in a lot of ways.

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Samson on Hill