April 2020 Update

And I thought the Ides of March were nuts. Sheesh.

Sketchy Charms is getting it’s final polish and will be available on time. I’d hoped to be able to get it out a week or so ahead of time, and I still might be able to, but we’re dealing with some formatting errors in the manuscript that are adding some extra days to the process. I’m about five chapters into The Art of Scrying—with all the shelter-in-place time we’re getting, I suspect that one will be out a bit early. You can pre-order both now.

I want to give a shoutout and a symbolic hug to all my readers holding the frontline right now—I get quite a few letters from you, and I know many of you are teachers, nurses, doctors, delivery folk, grocery workers (and just locked in your house social distancing). It’s tough to feel good about what’s going on in the world, but when I’m starting to feel down, I listen to this re-done song by Chris Mann and remember how incredibly strong, resilient, and dedicated we humans are.

Thank you for doing your part during this global moment in time—and stay safe!

Leanne Leeds