April 2021 Update

Astra Arden‘s first outing will be a little earlier than planned.

I was going to rapid release the first two books but have decided to go ahead and send Star of Sage & Scream out into the world in May, with the follow up coming out in June on its current release date. Star of Sage & Scream‘s tentative release will be May 20th, though it’s moving through the editing and formatting process pretty quickly, so I may send it out even earlier.

Feedback from the beta readers and my editor has been pretty good. Okay, I may be understating it—several folks have said this is the best book yet, so I’m pretty confident you’ll like it. Since I’m a writer plagued by insecurities, it takes a lot for me to make that claim. 😁

Hope you’ve gotten your Covid shot and are moving towards getting back out into the world!

Leanne Leeds