Magical Midway Complete Boxed Set Books 1-8

All books in the Magical Midway Paranormal Cozy Series

This series was Leanne’s very first—and it’s now available for just .99! Yes, the whole bundle!

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Magic under the big top.
Murder under investigation.
Can a non-practicing witch save the family business and live to see the encore?

Charlotte never had the choice to follow in her family’s magical footsteps. Her parents decided decades ago to live amongst the humans and leave the mystical circus far behind. But when her ringmaster uncle is murdered and wills her the family’s magical business, she feels the pull to step back under the big top. As she harnesses the awesome powers of the enchanted performance, she vows to bring her uncle’s killer to justice.

In the midst of juggling her investigation, running the show, and navigating rival groups of carnies, the human-phobic Witches Council schemes to replace her faster than a flying trapeze. With threats coming from both sides of the tent, Charlotte must unmask her uncle’s murderer before the legendary circus takes its final bow.

Books in this complete discounted box set include:
Witchiest Circus on Earth, Book 1
Life on the Lion, Book 2
Unbearable Magic, Book 3
Go for the Juggler, Book 4
Irrelephant Omens, Book 5
A Call to Charms, Book 6
Hole Lotta Magic, Book 7
When Curse Comes to Love, Book 8