Magical Midway Boxed Set Books 1-3

Books 1 through 3 in the Magical Midway Paranormal Cozy Series

Ebook Only

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This discounted box set contains the following books:

Witchiest Circus on Earth
Magic under the big top.
Murder under investigation.
Can a non-practicing witch save the family business and live to see the encore?

Life on the Lion
A missing mentalist.
A magical ultimatum.
To save the family business, one witch must pull something spectacular out of her hat.

Unbearable Magic
A grizzly discovery.
A false accusation.
Can the most powerful witch on earth make the truth appear – before she disappears?

The Magical Midway series contains a multi-book overarching paranormal plot that builds from one book to the next. Reading the series out of order may spoil plot progression. To be fully enjoyed as intended, it’s recommended that the series be read in order.