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Book Cover: Taken By Storm
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  • Taken By Storm

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A storm without end.
A body in the river.
Can Tempest Weatherford clear her best friend's name?

Struggling to juggle the two businesses her father left her, her mother's demands to hand over more of the family inheritance, and her grandmother's loneliness in the Rio Magonia old folks home, Tempest Weatherford didn't have time to take a parapsychology course at the local college. But when her best friend Rebecca begged, she reluctantly agreed.

When the handsome Professor's girlfriend is found drowned in a river during one of Rio's tempestuous storms, Tempest is shocked as Rebecca is arrested along with him under suspicion of murder.

As Tempest works to uncover the center of the conspiracy and clear her friends, she thunders headlong into Rio Magonia's swirl of secrets, cults, corruption, and magic. Will the howling wind and blustering rain wash away the web of conspiracy? Or will the enchanted town drenched in treachery engulf them all?

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