December 2019 Update

Happy holidays to everyone! December’s been a busy month here at the Leeds’ household. When Curse Comes to Love is finished, edited, and getting ready to be formatted. It will make its January release with no delays, thank goodness. (ARC members should be on the lookout for the book around New Year’s Day.) This will be the final book in the 8-book Magical Midway series.

This series was a lot of fun to write, but it was my first paranormal cozy series, and as I look back? I definitely see some things I would have done differently. I went very heavy on the fantasy, and lighter on the mysteries than I think I should have looking back. All in all, it’s a series I’m proud of but the next series will see some of those issues I think the series had addressed.

The next series, Mystic’s End Mysteries, will focus much more on the mysteries and, since it takes place in the real world, and not be as heavy on the fantasy. There will still be witches, of course, and strange paranormal happenings, but the overarching paranormal plot will be a bit easier to follow even if you jump in and out of the series at different points.

Mystic Guests is currently locked, loaded, and done—but it contains some spoilers referencing events that happen in When Curse Comes to Love, so I won’t be releasing it until after Book 8 has a bit of time to get out there. This week, I’ll be starting on Book 2, Angel in Demise, and the first three books in the Mystic’s End Mysteries are available for pre-order on Amazon.

Hope you all have wonderful holidays, and I’ll see you again in 2020!