December 2021 Update

Owl About Yule in the Owl Star Witch series came out this month, and so far it’s gotten [usr 4.6 addtext=”avg on Amazon US”]. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to rate and review it! It was my first Christmas-themed para-cozy, and I was a little nervous about it’s direction, but I’m very glad you liked it.

I’m currently writing Owl Melt with You, a Valentine’s Day-themed mystery.

For just a few more days, the full 8-book Magical Midway series will be available in a .99 bundle in all markets on Amazon. January 1, 2022, it will return to its regular price so grab it quickly if you want it at the holiday season price.

Next year will see 6 more releases in the Owl Star Witch series currently scheduled for (roughly): 2/10, 4/14, 6/16, 8/18, 10/20 and 12/22.

Have a great rest of the year, and a happy holiday!

Leanne Leeds