The problem with digging things up? You don’t always find what you’re expecting—and sometimes, the unexpected finds you.

New witch Fortuna Delphi has returned to the small town of Mystic’s End where she was abandoned as a baby hoping to find out about her family history—but something strange is going on here. There’s the dead body in her bedroom wall, that greyhound sending her psychic messages, and the local detective who can’t seem to investigate the mystery.

Fortuna’s return to the place where she was abandoned is just the beginning of this paranormal mystery.


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The Mystic’s End Mysteries series are novel-length paranormal cozy mysteries full of twists, turns, and clues written for adults—but are free of intimate scenes, gore, and swearing. The series is available as ebooks, large print paperbacks, hardcover books, and for free in Kindle Unlimited.


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