July 2020 Update

The Art of Scrying (4) has just been released, and I hope you’re enjoying it! The Greyt Escape (5) was sent off to the editor’s this past week and will be out on time in September. I’m getting all my ducks (or greyhounds) in a row to start on  Boozehounds and Ball Drops (6), and just posted Scry Harder (7) for pre-order!

Is that the mysterious, magical hole in the ground from The Art of Scrying on the cover? Why yes, it is the mysterious, magical hole in the ground! You can read more about it when Scry Harder (7) drops on January 7, 2021.

The final tally of the 20% preorder proceeds for The Art of Scrying is finalized-ish, and should come in at around $420-ish (depending on what the final KU page-per-read amount is for July when it’s announced in August. Hence the -ish.) The donation will be made at the beginning of October 2020 when the royalties hit the bank and will be donated to the Black Writers Collective. The Black Writers Collective provides programs and resources for creative and freelance writers of color of all ages.


Leanne Leeds