May 2021 Update

Star of Sage & Scream was released this month, and I’m happy to say you all seem to like it. You really like it!

I’m working on Owl’s Fair (Book 2), which is coming out in late June and added the preorder for Book 4, Heavy Meddle Magic. Book 4 will come out just before Halloween, so that will definitely be our first Halloween-themed entry into the series.

I want to thank all my readers for giving the new series a chance. Magical Midway was moderately successful in that it sold briskly, but it never really knocked it out of the park. Mystic’s End was far more successful than I anticipated, but since it had a defined arc the ending was inevitable (even though it was selling well!) As I’ve said before, ending a successful series is a little bit terrifying—especially when it’s your first really successful one.

Owl Star Witch has started out stronger than anything I’ve released before—so thank you for helping me avoid a fear-induced nervous breakdown! 🙂 The reception has been awesome, and I’m glad you like it.

Leanne Leeds