October 2019 Update

Hey, folks – yet again, I forgot to post here when Book 7 was released last month. I think rather than try to remind myself to blog, I’ll just drop in here and post once a month with updates. Works? Awesome.

So, aside from Halloween, what’s up in October? The second Boxed Set with Books 4-6 should be making their way to the various storefronts. Once all the pre-order links are live, I’ll get the book added to the site here. The release will be November 15th, 2019.

This week I’m finishing up Fortuna’s first book for her series for Spring 2020 release.

Next week, I’ll start on Book 8 in the Magical Midway series—this will be the final book in this series, though it won’t be the last we see of many of the characters. Speaking of, we’re going to start a weekly rundown of some characters’ history, inspirations and so on. This will only be on the mailing list and for mailing list folks, so if you haven’t joined and you want to take a peek, you can subscribe in the down below.

Have a great October!