October 2020 Update

It’s less than two weeks to Boozehounds and Ball Drops! Coming up even sooner than that is Hexes and Holly, a holiday anthology from me and thirteen of your favorite paranormal cozy authors. Hexes and Holly is dropping November 1st with Boozehounds and Ball Drops to follow on November 5th.

Hexes and Holly contains a prequel short story for Mystic’s End starring Fortuna Delphi from the Mystic’s End series and Gunther Makepeace from the Magical Midway series. For those of you that have read Mystic’s End but not Magical Midway, it fills in some information about the first series as well as introduces the town and some characters from the new series.

Sketchy Charms audiobook is wrapped up and is being submitted for publication this week. Unfortunately, that could mean it will be on sale next Monday or a month from now. No way to know. If you’re waiting for it, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe to the mailing list, or join the text community by sending me a text message to 1 (512) 359-3123 and I’ll let you know when it’s up.

Stay safe, and remember to vote!

Leanne Leeds