Piracy Statement & Tip Jar

First, I want to thank you for reading my books.

Whether you borrowed them for free on KindleUnlimited, purchased them during the 99¢ discount preorder period, purchased them at list price, or stole them – books are first and foremost written to be read, so thanks for reading mine.

I do realize that books can be expensive. One of the reasons I came up with the pricing method I did is in recognition of the fact that life, in general, can be really expensive. Books, even though they shouldn’t be (in my humble opinion) can be a luxury on a tight budget.

By having the books in KindleUnlimited as well as by having the 99¢ preorder period on all books, it’s my hope that those who love books can get them. Even if they may not have as much disposable cash to support their habit, and even if I don’t make much money for those copies.

Folks have choices in reading my books in e-book form:

  1. Join the ARC on BookSprout and review them – as thanks for considering a review, you get it free before the official launch.
  2. You can buy them on Amazon during the pre-order phase, and they’ll be just 99¢.
  3. You can join KindleUnlimited, and borrow them at no charge as part of the program.
  4. You can purchase them at full price.
  5. You can steal them from somewhere on the Internet.

If you did not obtain a series-numbered, novel-length ebook through Booksprout or Amazon, you have (wittingly or unwittingly) pirated the book.

People have lots of reasons for book piracy (good and bad), and I’m not going to address them all here (good or bad). I could ask you not to pirate my books but, let’s face it, if you’re already doing it you’re already comfortable with your decision.

What I can tell you is it can have an impact.

  1. Since I’m exclusive to Amazon, they can terminate my account for violating the terms of my exclusivity contract with them – yes, even if the book was stolen and put up for sale or downloaded without my knowledge.
  2. My income is dependent upon people enjoying my books enough that I can keep writing them. If people steal them, my income takes a hit and no more books.
  3. I write books because I love it, but also so that I can have a flexible career. My child is permanently disabled with a severe heart condition – your purchase supports the quality of her life, the medication she needs to survive, the surgery she needs to keep her alive. (No, I’m not above guilt.)

Okay, I’ll ask once: Please don’t pirate books. It hurts authors.

Didn’t work? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

If you do read my books exclusively through piracy, please consider making a donation through the Bitcoin Tip Jar to the right in whatever amount you think is fair. It’s anonymous, I don’t know who you are, and I won’t have any idea why you’re doing it.

I am not a proponent of piracy, but we all have to find a way to live with it.