The second ten posts of #CozyMysteryMay

Cozy Mystery MayI did Day 11 – I shared a snippet of dialogue.

Day 12 was Mother’s Day, and I decided to skip it – instead, I wrote an article about Speechless getting canceled that was retweeted by Minnie Driver. As you do. (You should read the article and binge the show. Seriously.)

Day 13, I was back on the horse with my Ty Beanie Baby Chinese Zodiac Series Year of the Rat and a Funko POP! Animation: Care Bears Good Luck Bear.

Day 14…

Day 14 was where it all went off the rails. Suffice it to say that I will not be writing a cozy series that takes place in a home hospice care setting because it’s not a location or situation that lends itself to humor. (Or if it does? The humor is way darker than a cozy could handle. Way darker.)

I returned to town on Day 18 ready to get back to reality – but my laptop charger was most emphatically not. Almost as soon as I posted that I would be back the next day, my laptop drained and refused to charge up. As I am in rural Texas and not a city where you can pay Amazon to drop everything and bring things to you in an hour, I had to wait a day for my new charger to arrive.

I did binge Chilling Adventures of Sabrina while waiting for my connectivity to return, so there was that little benefit.

Without further ado or excuse, Day 10 through 20 of #CozyMysteryMay – catch-up answers are in gold boxes.

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

I was supposed to post about colors, but instead I made a blog post that made the rounds and kinda buried my social media for a little bit of time. So, my catch up is:

I wish I could say that I have some grand design on book colors, but I really don’t. I try and stay with jewel tones, and I try to step forward along the rainbow in an orderly fashion, but beyond that the colors are really just a way to differentiate the books in the series.

Day 13

Day 14

Another day, another flake – on snack choices, no less!

I eat Triscuits, Cream Cheese, and Apples as a snack. Now, in my head, it looks like my friend’s charcuterie boards, but in reality, it… doesn’t.

I love being friends with her because her food creations are incredible, and I get to eat them. She’s also a reminder that if I ever decide to do a culinary cozy I will have to get down and beg on my knees for her to participate.
Visit her blog here!

Day 15

Favorite Murder Weapon

Poison. Hands down. It’s sneaky, it can be slipped into so many things, and I think a good poisoning makes the mystery more convoluted and twisty.

Day 16

Mid-Month Report

I’m not doing too badly – I’ve gotten the Magical Midway boxed set back out into the world after another editing, and I’ve actually changed editors for Book 6 and sent it back out because I wasn’t happy with it. So, though I’m behind, I think the book will be a bit better when I do release it. Making lots of progress on the new Tempest Witch series as well.

Day 17

Favorite Cozy Not Mine

Harry Kemelman’s “Rabbi Small” series – after my grandfather had a major stroke he read this series over and over and over and over for twenty years or so until he passed away. He had trouble communicating but, for some reason, he could talk about those books. They’ll always be my favorite.

Day 18

Cozy Pets

Cats. Cats. More cats. A dog here and there. But mostly cats.

Day 19

Childhood Mystery

Trixie Belden. I wrote my first book with my Uncle when I was 8 or 9, and it was essentially Trixie Belden fan-fiction.

Day 20

Night Owl, Early Bird, or In Between?

All my life I’ve been a night owl—in fact, our entire family are sleep all day and work overnight folks. When I had my thyroid out, though, it was as if my entire life rhythm got reset. I’m now up at 8am and can’t stay up much past 12am. Even if I try. Writing in the morning actually works out well—the house is quiet and I can concentrate while the rest of the night owls are sleeping.
Samson on Hill