Astra Arden is not your average witch. She’s a military-trained spook that’s reluctantly moved back home with her mother and sisters—also known as the coven of the Goddess Athena. When a talking owl arrives on the doorstep of her family home, Astra finds herself embroiled in a mystery that could change her life.

Witchiest Circus on Earth

Enter the small town of Mystic’s End, Arkansas, and meet a cast of characters you never expected. This town has seen everything from misplaced spirits to psychic greyhounds—and one witch is determined to ignore all of it so she can run her art shop. The 8-book series is complete!

Witchiest Circus on Earth

What do you get when a magical circus comes up against the most powerful witches on earth? You get the complete 8-book Magical Midway Paranormal Cozy Mystery series. Buy a ticket to this kooky, funny, and fantastical cozy mystery where the fun and games take a turn toward murder.

Witchiest Circus on Earth

A festival for an ancient god.

An Orphic priest with a deadly problem.

Can Astra find a god’s missing panther before squabbling siblings ruin the holiday season?

Owl About Yule
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