Artificial Intelligence in Fiction

Since June 2021, I have been experimenting with artificial intelligence to explore how it might enhance my fiction writing process. Below are some resources, tips, groups, videos, and articles related to AI writing tools that other writers may find helpful or interesting to consider as they develop their own writing workflow. There are also links to my personal blog posts documenting my initial trials with Sudowrite, an app that uses GPT to suggest/generate words and story details.

Things I wrote about the tools I’m using/was using:

Tools I have used but no longer use:

  • Quillbot – to rephrase sentences. (Stopped using in favor of ChatGPT and Claude rewrites.)
  •“Just upload a pdf or add a link to your website and get a ChatGPT-like chatbot that can answer any question on it.” I use this to talk to my previously written books with ChatGPT – it’s easier than scouring for “that scene with that thing.” (Not quite there yet. Stopped using it altogether for books until the technology moves ahead a bit, but you’re welcome to try it. Disclosure: it’s an affiliate link.)

Tools I currently use:

  • Sudowrite (Disclosure: it’s an affiliate link.) – for fiction writing and narrative prose. (Stopped using in favor of Claude.) (Started using again just for the Describe button. I do love the Describe button.) (Stopped again to go back to Claude.)
  • Anthropic’s Claude – for fiction drafting, revising, and rephrasing, as well as for querying the manuscript.
  • ChatGPT+ and OpenAI Playground – for marketing blurbs, plots, mystery generation.
  • LitRPG Adventures – for fantasy locations and characters



Classes for Authors

These are classes/training I personally recommend/endorse.

Groups for Fiction Authors

These are groups I’m personally a part of and can confirm are a good source of information.