Recommended Reading Order

Each series can stand alone without reading a previous series, but within each series, there is an overarching series plot. It is highly recommended that each separate series be read in order.

Magical Midway Series:

Prequel Short Story: “Charlotte and Aidan
Book 1: “Witchiest Circus on Earth
Book 2: “Life on the Lion
Book 3: “Unbearable Magic
Book 4: “Go for the Juggler
Book 5: “Irrelephant Omens
Book 6: “A Call to Charms
Book 7: “Hole Lotta Magic
Book 8: “When Curse Comes to Love

Mystic’s End Series (Spin-off of Magical Midway):

Prequel Short Story: “Mystic Greetings
Book 1: “Mystic Guests
Book 2: “Angel in Demise
Book 3: “Sketchy Charms
Book 4: “The Art of Scrying
Book 5: “The Greyt Escape
Book 6: “Boozehounds and Ball Drops
Book 7: “Scry Harder
Book 8: “Captive Magic

Owl Star Witch Series:

Book 1: “Star of Sage & Scream
Book 2: “Owl’s Fair
Book 3: “Magic’s a Hoot
Book 4: “Heavy Meddle Magic
Book 5: “Owl About Yule
Book 6: “Owl Melt with You
Book 7: “Bring Your Beach Owl”
Book 8: “Against Owl Odds
Book 9: “Owl Spell Broke Loose
Book 10: “Owl in Due Curse
Book 11: “Scries Like an Owl

Silver Circle Cat Rescue Mysteries:

Book 1: “Crystals, Belladonna, and Murder
Book 2: “Honey, Hairballs, and Murder