8-Book Discounted Bundle Collections

Magical Midway Paranormal Cozy Mysteries

This series holds a special place in literary history (okay, not really) as it marks the very first series penned by Leanne Leeds. The series is currently complete, and the discounted e-book bundle contains the entire series.

This bundle contains the complete series.

Book 1: “Witchiest Circus on Earth
Book 2: “Life on the Lion
Book 3: “Unbearable Magic
Book 4: “Go for the Juggler
Book 5: “Irrelephant Omens
Book 6: “A Call to Charms
Book 7: “Hole Lotta Magic
Book 8: “When Curse Comes to Love

Mystic’s End Mysteries

In the Mystic’s End Series, enter the small town of Mystic’s End, Arkansas, and meet a cast of characters you never expected. This town has seen everything from misplaced spirits to psychic greyhounds—and one witch is determined to ignore all of it so she can run her art shop. The 8-book series is complete!

This bundle contains the complete series.

Book 1: “Mystic Guests
Book 2: “Angel in Demise
Book 3: “Sketchy Charms
Book 4: “The Art of Scrying
Book 5: “The Greyt Escape
Book 6: “Boozehounds and Ball Drops
Book 7: “Scry Harder
Book 8: “Captive Magic

Owl Star Witch Mysteries

Welcome to Forkbridge, Florida, where magic, mystery, and family secrets intertwine. Follow Astra Arden, witch and former paranormal military tracker, as she navigates her new life filled with goddess-granted powers, a quirky talking owl sidekick, and endless supernatural adventures.

This box set contains the first 8 books of the ongoing series.

Book 1: “Star of Sage & Scream
Book 2: “Owl’s Fair
Book 3: “Magic’s a Hoot
Book 4: “Heavy Meddle Magic
Book 5: “Owl About Yule
Book 6: “Owl Melt with You
Book 7: “Bring Your Beach Owl”
Book 8: “Against Owl Odds