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Leanne Leeds is an enchanting storyteller who spins magical tales of mystery, humor, and heart. Her whimsical contemporary paranormal mystery novels whisk readers away to a world where magic feels familiar and adventure waits around every corner.

With a charming voice and sprinkle of good-natured wit on every page, Leanne crafts stories as unexpected as they are captivating. Her quirky characters and serendipitous events intersect in delightfully unforeseen ways, delivering a reading experience as cozy as it is enthralling. Whether reading her paranormal cozies or paranormal women's fiction, readers will find a touch of enchantment in each word.

Leanne is a proud member of The Authors Guild.

From Leanne Leeds

Dear Readers,

For those discovering my work for the first time: I write contemporary paranormal/fantasy/midlife cozy mysteries. You might be wondering, what exactly are these types of books?

Paranormal books are a genre of fiction that often deals with supernatural or mystical elements such as ghosts, vampires, witches, psychic powers, and other unexplained phenomena while fantasy books take place in an imagined world, often with elements of magic, mythical creatures, and enchanted landscapes. Midlife books focus on the experiences, challenges, and growth of women in their midlife years, usually between their 40s and 60s. Each of my series may incorporate one or all of these fiction flavors.

Whatever else they are, though? They’re always modern cozy mysteries.

Modern cozies are a subgenre of mystery fiction that combines traditional cozy mystery elements with a more modern setting and style. Like traditional cozy mysteries, modern cozies often have amateur sleuths, small-town settings, and lighthearted, funny tones, but they have a more modern and up-to-date feel. The stories may have things like technology, social media, and references to modern culture, and the characters are often more diverse and complicated. Modern cozy mysteries try to give you a new twist while still providing the same sense of comfort, escape, and puzzle-solving that readers enjoy in traditional cozy mysteries.

If you like mystery stories with a lighthearted and humorous tone, modern cozy mysteries might be right up your alley. They provide a fun and entertaining escape from the complexities of modern life, and they are particularly appealing to readers who enjoy a mix of humor, mystery, and lighthearted escapism in their reading.

If you are aware of all of this, please accept my heartfelt gratitude to those of you who have been with me on this journey for some time. Your support and encouragement have meant a great deal to me, and I am looking forward to continuing this journey with you!

Leanne Leeds

P.S. I’m utilizing LLMs and artificial intelligence in the creation and crafting of fiction. For more about this experience, check out more information in this section here.


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