May 2020 Update

You all have left me gobsmacked with the release of Sketchy Charms! Each release in the new Mystic’s End series seems to be just a little more popular than the one before, and that’s really super awesome. Thanks so much for your raves, feedback, and your continued reading of the series! I’m working on the final few chapters of The Art of Scrying now, and then it will be off to the editor sometime next week. The series has been so successful that Tantor Media reached out to inquire about audiobook rights, and I have to admit, it left me pretty gobsmacked. (Yes, I like the word gobsmacked.)  If you’re on the mailing list, I’ll be doing a deep dive in next week’s email regarding my thought process, but to make a long story short? I decided to pass and stay fully indie. I also decided to get my rear in gear and start getting audiobooks out for Mystic’s End before we get too far behind. An audition by Kae Marie Denino blew me away, and I know you’ll love her interpretation of the book and Fortuna’s adventures in Mystic’s End. Mystic Guests is in production now, and I hope it’ll be out towards the end of the summer/early fall.