Going Wide Transition Update – Aggregation Pain

Unfortunately, my jump to another publishing aggregator did not go as well as I’d hoped.

For some reason, the new aggregator could not get the pricing correct for international readers on Apple, and this caused a cascading number of problems from Bookbub to Amazon’s price matching. The new aggregator was not as responsive as I would have liked to correct the issue, and so I made the decision this morning to return to my old aggregator. While I’m moving over we’re going to go ahead and assign our own ISBNs to them in hopes we’ll avoid these issues in the future.

Book sales on Amazon and Kobo are mostly unaffected. International stores on Amazon, however, may not show Book 1 as free, and Book 1 could revert as we’re making this move despite it still being free at Kobo. Google Play, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks will be down for several days as all books are pulled by one aggregator and re-uploaded by another. Smashwords will be unaffected.

My sincere apologies about this. I’m pretty unhappy with the situation, and I hope returning to a more responsive aggregator will stabilize all this going forward.

Samson on Hill