Initial Sudowrite Observational Tweets

Initially, I’d planned just to tweet about my AI-Augmented Author experience, but a few days in I was struggling with questions that needed far more than a tweet or two. Tweets started this off, though, so I wanted to put them here. Holy crap. @sudowrite is seriously impressive. "Nutmeg’s hair is red, but her bright green eyes show that she has more in common with creatures of the night than with day." Knew she was a pixie, picked up it was night. This is seriously cool. — Leanne Leeds 👻 (@LeanneLLeeds) June 2, 2021 Finishing up Book 2 and played around with #sudowrite last night. Chapter 17's ending got quite a bit better, I think. Definitely involves the human picking, choosing, and polishing up, but it also definitely gave me ideas on the scene I hadn't had. (Spoiler white out.) — Leanne Leeds 👻 (@LeanneLLeeds) June 2, 2021 So, first dictation chapter (OSW:B2:CH18) with #sudowrite today, and used "Wormhole" 9 times, and "Describe" once. Tomorrow, I edit the chapter. I'm curious if I'll use it more or less during editing or creation. — Leanne Leeds 👻 (@LeanneLLeeds) June 2, 2021 #sudowrite wrote" "Meryl's voice flew like a flock of crows onto Amethyst's head and perched there, half a dozen or so, squawking and uttering a few warning caws." Not my style, but man, I want to use this so bad. — Leanne Leeds 👻 (@LeanneLLeeds) June 3, 2021 Lest you think all I do is sing #sudowrite praises, there are some times where I look at what comes out and wonder if the robot brain's been nipping at the brandy a bit too much. — Leanne Leeds 👻 (@LeanneLLeeds) June 3, 2021 Ok, D2 with #sudowrite. Edited Chapter 18, and used Expand 1 time, Wormhole 2 times, and Describe 6 times. Am starting to get a feel for how to get the best results from it. Some things I give more text to, some less. Will write up some observations later. — Leanne Leeds 👻 (@LeanneLLeeds) June 3, 2021 Ok, a few thoughts on my first day with #sudowrite. (A thread.) It was very easy to use while dictating, but I'm used to having two monitors (three, actually, but don't judge me.) I did not write in it, just cut and pasted sections into the app and used whichever button I wanted. — Leanne Leeds 👻 (@LeanneLLeeds) June 3, 2021