Owl About Yule

Book 5Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #5

Do you remember the Christmas story about the chain-rattling ghosts who taught life lessons? Well, how about a Yule tale involving a beachfront mansion, multiple Greek gods, an Orphic priest, and a kidnapped divine panther?

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It’s my first Yule at Mom’s in fifteen years, and she can’t stop complaining about that. (That I hadn’t shown up for fifteen years, not that I was there.) It doesn’t make much of an impact, though—I have a great job as a psychic consultant with the Forkbridge Police Department, the “goddess” has been leaving me alone with no sparkly star cards in sight, and my family—including the persnickety owl, Archie—and I are getting along.

For the most part.

It appears that my holiday vacation will be uneventful until a Dionysian priest arrives on the Arden doorstep to report that the Greek god's favorite panther has vanished. Worse, the god accuses his sister, Athena, of the prank—and blames the priest for assisting her. Their divine argument threatens to derail our holiday festivities—and even the Orphic's life.

The absolute worst?

I don’t believe in any of this “gods” bunk, but Detective Emma Sullivan never met a mystery she didn’t want to solve—unfortunately, this one may be far more than she bargained for.