Owl About Yule

Book 5 in the Owl Star Witch Mysteries

A festival for an ancient god.
An Orphic priest with a deadly problem.
Can Astra find a god’s missing panther before squabbling siblings ruin the holiday season?


After almost a year of being home, Astra feels like she can handle anything in her new life. Her work with the police department is fulfilling (if not monetarily rewarding). Her relationship with her family is more satisfying than she expected, and she enjoys her close-knit friend group. Most of all, Archie the owl (Astra’s familiar gift from the goddess Athena) is a constant and valued companion.

Sure, Astra’s romantic life is still non-existent, but a goddess-chosen witch can’t have everything.

As Forkbridge settles down for December holiday celebrations, a Dionysian priest lands on the Arden doorstep to report the Greek god’s favorite panther has disappeared. What’s worse, the god is accusing his sister, Athena, of the prank—and blaming the priest for helping her. The gods’ argument threatens to derail holiday celebrations—and the innocent Orphic’s very life.

Can the two unravel who took Dionysis’s panther and why? Or will the festival of Dionysis end in death?

Owl About Yule is the fifth book in the mythologically-infused Owl Star Witch Mysteries.