Owl About Yule

Book 5

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #5
Genre: ,

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Do you remember the Christmas story about the chain-rattling ghosts who taught life lessons? Well, how about a Yule tale involving a beachfront mansion, multiple Greek gods, an Orphic priest, and a kidnapped divine panther?

Witch Astra Arden expects a quiet holiday with her family and persnickety owl, Archie. She does not expect a Dionysian priest on the Ardens' doorstep bringing news that the Greek god's beloved panther has gone missing. Even worse? Dionysus is accusing his sister—the goddess Athena—of the prank, causing a divine argument that threatens to ruin Astra's holiday.

Astra struggles to navigate the drama between the bickering gods while being drawn deeper into a dangerous mystery that threatens the holiday festivities and the life of the Orphic priest—all because her partner Emma can't contain her excitement over a real paranormal case.

But as they try to restore peace between the gods, Astra realizes that this may be a mystery far more complicated than she ever could have imagined.

Filled with eccentric gods, a kidnapped divine panther, and a touch of holiday magic, this fantasy cozy mystery will keep you laughing and guessing until the very end.