Owl Melt with You

When witch Astra Arden agrees to a Valentine's Day date with Jason Bishop, she expects a romantic evening filled with chocolates and champagne—not bread and water in a jail cell.

Astra is excited to spend Valentine's Day with handsome local middle school teacher Jason Bishop—but things take a turn for the unexpected when a retired local teacher Unity Priestpoint turns up dead, shot and stuffed in a trunk covered in magical symbols.

As if the murder of a retired local teacher wasn't enough, Astra's date Jason becomes the prime suspect.

In order to clear his name and have any hope of going on their first date, Astra must dive headfirst into the investigation even as her best friend, Detective Emma Sullivan, moves to arrest Jason for murder. Will Astra be able to uncover the truth in time and save their budding relationship before it's too late?

Or will she be left dateless for the next twenty-five to life?

Unbearable Magic

Unbearable Magic

A grizzly discovery.
A false accusation.
Can the most powerful witch on earth make the truth appear – before she disappears?

When the Magical Midway takes a week off to attend the Werebear Jamboree, Charlotte is grateful for a relaxing vacation away from the Witches’ Council attacks and all the problems they seem determined to bring. But when the werebear leader is murdered during the festival, all eyes turn suspiciously toward the most powerful witch in their midst.

With accusations coming from every corner and a conspiracy closing in around her, Charlotte and her friends realize that someone is determined to make her take the fall for the ghastly crime. But who? Can she unmask the real villain before she’s handed over to the Witches’ Council, punished for a crime she didn’t commit?

Owl Shook Up

Owl Shook Up

When Aunt Gwennie’s famous snickerdoodles go missing before the annual cookie competition, Astra and her sisters prepare for a bitter battle over the sweet treats. But the trouble turns deadly when Aunt Gwennie’s rival, Agatha Blackwell, is found dead with a snickerdoodle stuffed in her mouth.

With Archie’s help, Astra dives into the cutthroat competition of Forkbridge’s baking scene. Secrets are simmering about Agatha’s controversial new recipe, stolen ingredients, and suspected poisonings. As she sifts through motives and investigates shifty behavior behind the scenes, Astra discovers that she may be in over her head.

Can Astra clear Aunt Gwennie’s name and crack the case before the cookie crumbles? Or will the sisters watch Aunt Gwennie's cookie legacy come crashing down like an underbaked soufflé?

Find out in this delectable tale filled with baked goods, betrayal, and bewitching hijinks galore.

Bring Your Beach Owl

Book 7

When Astra Arden and her sisters head to the Florida coast for a relaxing spring break, they expect to be knee-deep in warm ocean waves—not a murder investigation.

When Astra takes herself and her witchy sisters to the coast for a much-needed break, she expects nothing more than a relaxing holiday. But when their cousin Amelia washes up on the beach dead, she knows there's more to the story than the police are letting on.

With shape-shifting fish lurking around every corner and a sassy mermaid's secrets churning beneath the pier, Astra has to jump in and protect her sisters while investigating Amelia's mysterious death—a wild ride that leads the police to point the finger straigt at the Arden sisters.

Will they be able to prove their innocence in time? Or will they succumb to the depths below?

Go for the Juggler

Go for the Juggler

A jarring homecoming.
An uncertain fate.
To save everyone, one witch must perform the juggling act of a lifetime.

When Charlotte returns home with Gunther, Devana, and Ethel Elkins in tow, she doesn’t think her life can get any more complicated. But when one of her parents’ Animal Shelter volunteers turns up dead, her control begins to slip as her old human life and her new paranormal life collide.

While racing to come up with a plan to defeat the Witches’ Council, Charlotte must defend her family against an intrusive police investigation that risks exposing their true nature to the human world—an act which will condemn them all.