Mystic Guests

Book 1

A new beginning in an old town.
A punk ghost raging in the middle of the night.
She wanted to get away from the paranormal—but did she wake it up instead?

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Fortuna's plans to open an art studio while searching out her mysterious origins are derailed when she discovers a punk ghost raging against her in the middle of the night. As his bones are unearthed along with the town's secrets, she is determined to find out who killed the mohawked teen and why. At least, if she can do it without tipping her hand to the townspeople that she's a witch.

Between the hot detective that suspects she's a con-woman up to no good, the smolderingly sexy manager of the local greyhound track that seems to be full of secrets, and a conspiracy theorist reporter determined to enlist Fortuna in her war against the town's corruption, Fortuna's life is becoming more complicated than an Escher painting. And she could be unknowingly related to any of them.

Will Fortuna be able to find out who murdered the ghost in her attic, or will Mystic's End unearth her secrets instead?

When Curse Comes to Love

When Curse Comes to Love

The last two paranormal circuses.
A marriage of inconvenience.
Can Charlotte and Gunther bring their worlds together—before everything falls apart?

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With the citizens of the Magical Midway and the Makepeace Circus at each other's throats, Charlotte and Gunther find themselves unexpected newlyweds abruptly put in charge of an unanticipated melding of historic enemies. As Ms. Elkins and Roland Makepeace duke it out for the new couple's allegiance and familiars Samson and Delilah fight it out for control, both circuses are sent into a panic when all of the Galenite witch cats disappear overnight.

Can Charlotte come to terms with her accidental marriage, join her circus with Gunther's, and find out what happened to the Galenite witches? Or does the cats' disappearance indicate that the 13th Witch prophecy wasn't really resolved at all?

Read the final book in the Magical Midway series!

Angel in Demise

Book 2

An electrocuted millionaire at a garden party.
One witch under suspicion.
Can Fortuna Delphi clear her name before they shut her art gallery down?

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Fortuna Delphi’s is starting to feel like a part of Mystic’s End. Sure, she still doesn’t know who she’s related to, the town’s two most eligible bachelors won’t stop dropping by, and the town clergy seems to think she’s the spawn of Satan—but at least millionaires Hubert and Della Maddox adored the angel statue she created for their patio. They even made it’s unveiling the climax of their once a year Spring Fling garden party.

But when the statue zaps millionaire Hubert Maddox lifeless in front of his guests, the town’s rich and powerful turn toward the artisan witch with suspicion.

After the county rules the death accidental and threatens to yank her art studio’s occupancy permit for negligence, Reporter Pepper Stanford believes that Fortuna is being framed to take the fall for a covered up murder—and Fortuna’s not sure that Pepper’s mistaken.

Will Fortuna be able to find out who brought about the electrifying end to Hubert Maddox and why? Or is Fortuna’s new life in Mystic’s End toast?

Honey, Hairballs, and Murder

A beekeeper with a sting.
A cat with a secret.
A cat rescue in the middle of it all.

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In the small town of Tablerock, Texas, life is as sweet as honey. Fifty-year-old Ellie Rockwell’s Silver Circle Cat Rescue is settling in to the shelter’s inherited mansion on the edge of town, and only a few people know about the magical platter that came with it—the one that allows cats to speak to humans.

But life takes a sour turn when local beekeeper and honey entrepreneur Ben Tyson is found dead, leaving his beloved cat, Honey, as the only witness to the crime.

As Ellie and Evie work to help Honey piece together what happened to her former owner, the investigation puts the rescued cats (and the cat rescuers) in a heap of sticky trouble. Not everyone in town was as sweet on Ben as they appeared, and they definitely didn’t want anyone buzzing about it.

Can Ellie, Evie and their furry friends solve the crime before the killer strikes again? Find out in “Honey, Hairballs, and Murder”, the second book in a purr-fectly paranormal midlife cozy mystery series.

Sketchy Charms

Book 3

A body in the woodlands near the crystal field.
Smoky quartz that smoked the local mailman.
Can Fortuna unearth the truth the authorities won’t?

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When reporter and Mystic’s End busybody Pepper Stanford discovers a sketched map that professes to reveal what the heck the deal is with mystics in Mystic’s End, Fortuna reluctantly follows her out to the thick forest to hunt for clues. The two women encounter more than they bargain for when they stumble over a body on the way back to their car, the bloody smoky quartz crystal near him replaying the man’s last few flashes of life straight into Fortuna’s mind.

After the county determines the death accidental (because of course they did), Fortuna works to forget about postman Tom Wilson’s death and refocus on the obscure text she discovered in the woods. That is, until she recognizes Tom Wilson’s resentful soul captured in the sparkling stone that killed him—and if she wants to get him out, she must get him justice for his murder.

Will Fortuna be able to unmask who cracked Tom Wilson with a crystal? Or does the witch now have two spectral roommates?