Star of Sage & Scream

Book 1 in the Owl Star Witch Mysteries

A witch fugitive tracker put out to pasture.
A birthday gift from a goddess with feathers and strings.
Astra Arden’s light is about to shine down on Forkbridge—if it doesn’t blind her first.

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As the eldest daughter of famed witch healer Minerva Arden, Astra Arden grew up knowing what was expected of her. Make healing potions. Learn to read the cards. Help the humans with whatever gifts the goddess Athena granted her. And when Astra furiously rejected her birthright—choosing instead to join the paranormal military—her mother was heartbroken.

Thirteen years later, the Witches’ Council’s been overthrown and the paranormal world has no more use for the fugitive apprehension division Astra devoted her life to. Without so much as a pension, Astra finds herself back in her childhood home with no money, no career, no prospects, and under the thumb of a mother whose disappointment burns with every word.

But as her mother, aunt, and sisters celebrate Astra’s 33rd birthday, she is surprised by the goddess Athena’s unexpected “gift.” This wisecracking owl informs the former assassin she now has a new job assigned by the family’s patron deity: solve crimes before they happen, so they never, ever take place. If she refuses? The goddess will take her starlight magic from her forever.

Will Astra bend to the Goddess’s will? Or will she walk away from the paranormal—and her family—forever?

First in a new series of paranormal cozy mysteries!

Star of Sage & Scream is the first book in the mythologically-infused Owl Star Witch Mysteries.