Star of Sage & Scream

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #1

I’d planned to spend the rest of my life in the witch military, with its pink berets, dramatic drumming, and black ops missions. Now I’m living with a high priestess mother who disapproves of me and four witch sisters who barely know me.

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I didn’t think they’d dismantle the paranormal military with a wave of their bureaucratic magic wand, but they did. Everything I’d spent the previous fifteen years of my life doing and being was ripped away from me in an instant, out of my reach—and now that the paranormal military’s gone, I’ve got nothing left to fight for.

So here I am, thirty-three years old, in cutesy Forkbridge, Florida, living in my childhood home and once again being manipulated by my magical mother. She conjured a talking owl “sent by the goddess Athena.” This “divine” owl, Archie, claims I’ve been chosen to unravel a mystery unfolding in Forkbridge—I must solve a murder planned but not destined, stop a crime before it can occur.

For fifteen years, I chased down paranormal fugitives. For fifteen years, I served with the toughest witches in the world. For fifteen years, I commanded decorated soldiers and changed the course of paranormal history.

Now I take orders from an owl.