Owl Melt with You

Book 6 in the Owl Star Witch Mysteries

Romance—and magic—in the air.
A greedy widow socialite shot dead.
Can Astra & Emma solve the case before it ruins Valentine’s Day?


With the star card dim and the Goddess Athena seemingly otherwise occupied, witch Astra Arden and Detective Emma Sullivan enjoy their paranormal police work reprieve. Astra’s even finally agreed to go out on a date with her handsome running partner on Valentine’s Day. Everything seems to be going smoothly—until sixty-six-year-old Unity Priestpoint is found dead: stuffed in a trunk covered in magical symbols, a single bullet hole between her eyes.

As the pair begin to investigate, they find themselves caught in a web of magical betrayals, promises broken, and hidden wealth that could have been stolen but also may never have existed at all. Everyone they talk to nurses a grudge against the cantankerous older woman, grudges that may very well be motives—including Astra’s Valentine’s Day date, local teacher Jason Bishop.

Can Astra clear Jason’s name before their first date? Or will she spend Valentine’s Day in the Forkbridge jail’s visiting area?

Owl About Yule is the sixth book in the mythologically-infused Owl Star Witch Mysteries.