Owl Melt with You

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #6
Genre: ,

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When witch Astra Arden agrees to a Valentine's Day date with Jason Bishop, she expects a romantic evening filled with chocolates and champagne—not bread and water in a jail cell.

Astra is excited to spend Valentine's Day with handsome local middle school teacher Jason Bishop—but things take a turn for the unexpected when a retired local teacher Unity Priestpoint turns up dead, shot and stuffed in a trunk covered in magical symbols.

As if the murder of a retired local teacher wasn't enough, Astra's date Jason becomes the prime suspect.

In order to clear his name and have any hope of going on their first date, Astra must dive headfirst into the investigation even as her best friend, Detective Emma Sullivan, moves to arrest Jason for murder. Will Astra be able to uncover the truth in time and save their budding relationship before it's too late?

Or will she be left dateless for the next twenty-five to life?