Owl Berry Mysterious

Book 12

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #12
Genre: ,

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Astra Arden's plans to enjoy a leisurely summer vacation with her sisters and bestie Emma Sullivan's new baby are derailed when a strawberry farmer is found dead in his field, a magical symbol etched in the dirt beside him.

As the prime suspect, the farmer's daughter begs Astra for help in proving her innocence. With her talking owl sidekick, Archie, by her side, Astra delves into the secrets of the Forkbridge Farmers Market, uncovering a rivalry between strawberry farms and a decades-old mystery involving a stolen recipe for the world's best strawberry jam.

But as Astra gets closer to the truth, she realizes the killer will stop at nothing to keep the secrets buried in the strawberry fields forever.

Full of unexpected twists, and a touch of paranormal magic, Owl Berry Mysterious is a delightful addition to The Owl Star Witch Mysteries series that will keep you guessing until the very end.