Bring Your Beach Owl

Book 7

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #7
Genre: ,

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When Astra Arden and her sisters head to the Florida coast for a relaxing spring break, they expect to be knee-deep in warm ocean waves—not a murder investigation.

When Astra takes herself and her witchy sisters to the coast for a much-needed break, she expects nothing more than a relaxing holiday. But when their cousin Amelia washes up on the beach dead, she knows there's more to the story than the police are letting on.

With shape-shifting fish lurking around every corner and a sassy mermaid's secrets churning beneath the pier, Astra has to jump in and protect her sisters while investigating Amelia's mysterious death—a wild ride that leads the police to point the finger straigt at the Arden sisters.

Will they be able to prove their innocence in time? Or will they succumb to the depths below?