Heavy Meddle Magic

Book 4 in the Owl Star Witch Mysteries

The psychic mayor’s home up in flames.
Fiery threats of more to come.
Can Astra find and douse the drama before it becomes a raging inferno?

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Astra’s settled in better than she expected to her hometown of Forkbridge, Florida. Her family’s magic shop is doing well. Her mother seems pleased with her job as official police psychic with the Forkbridge Police Department. Her detective best friend hardly makes fun of her paranormal military outfit anymore. The best part, though—as Halloween approaches, it seems the Goddess Athena doesn’t think anyone’s life is in danger.

Astra’s well-earned break turns into a firestorm of histrionic accusations when Lillian Thornton—renowned medium and mayor of the legendary spiritualist town Cassandra—finds her home burned to the ground. Fearing a plot against her, Mayor Thornton asks Forkbridge PD for outside help—putting Astra and Emma in the middle of the tiny town’s meltdown.

Can the pair unravel the conspiracy wafting through the homes of Cassandra like a poisonous incense? Or will Cassandra’s history—and mayor—wind up in ashes?

Magic’s a Hoot is the fourth book in the mythologically-infused Owl Star Witch Mysteries.