Scries Like an Owl

Scries Like an Owl

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #11
Genre: ,

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Astra Arden has had a rough go of it lately. Between dealing with bickering gods, a spectral boyfriend who can't seem to remember to knock, a lost job, and three sisters who have all become rebellious, Astra is barely keeping it together.

But when the mayor of Cassandra, the town known for its psychic abilities, goes missing, things go from bad to downright absurd.

The entire town of Cassandra thinks Astra murdered Mayor Lillian Thornton a very public confrontation between the women. The interim mayor—a hotheaded condo developer named Daniel Caldecott—is determined to use the disappearance to take over Cassandra and pin the blame on the Arden family as fast as he can get the ink dried on the warrant.

Can Astra find the missing mayor, clear her name, and restore peace to Cassandra before it becomes a high-end ghost town? Or will she be swallowed up in the chaos of gods, ghosts, and greedy developers?