Owl In Due Curse

Book 10Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #10

I should have known that the gifts Athena sends always have a price. I just didn’t expect the toy soldier’s arrival to be a test of Archie’s loyalty—and of our family’s ability to unravel what the goddess is really up to.

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Opening the door to yet another gift from the goddess Athena, I’m not too worried. After all, she sent me my familiar, Archie, and I really love that owl. Most of the time. But when the unwrapped toy soldier strides up to my owl, points, and announces he’s here to test Archie’s competence as a witch’s familiar, I know we’re in trouble.

As the yule celebration becomes a trial of wills, we grow increasingly suspicious. Did the goddess really send this toy to Archie for a divine trial, or is something else going on?

While my sisters and I work to unravel the cryptic clues unlocking the riddle of the toy soldier’s arrival, ominous forces gather. In a desperate race against time, we’re faced with an impossible choice without knowing where those choices will lead us—or how we will survive it.