Owl In Due Curse

Book 10

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #10
Genre: ,

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When a mysterious toy soldier arrives on her doorstep and announces it's here to test Archie's loyalty, witch Astra Arden can't help but laugh. After all, it's not every day that a plastic soldier shows up claiming to be sent by the goddess Athena.

As they work to unravel the clues surrounding the toy soldier's arrival, ominous forces gather and Astra races against time to uncover the truth—and they realize that this might not be as funny as they thought.

With the fate of their family and Archie's future on the line, the Arden sisters must navigate a series of impossible choices and confront divine secrets from the past that threaten to tear everything apart.

Amidst the magic and mystery of the yule celebration, Astra and her sisters must use all their wit and cunning to uncover the truth and outsmart the scheming gods. Will they be able to outmaneuver the powerful deities, or will the sisters succumb to their trickery like so many before them?