Magic’s A Hoot

Book 3Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #3

I assumed that everyone the “goddess” wanted saved was worth saving. But then the glowing star card flashes in the direction of a sleazy alcoholic insurance salesman, and I’m left wondering what the divine logic is behind this one.

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I didn't want to return to Forkbridge, Florida, but I had to. And it hasn't turned out too bad. Mom, the high priestess, is beginning to relax. My four sisters are becoming more at ease with me. My divine owl Archie is still a pain in the neck, but I didn't return for him. I've even made friends with Detective Emma Sullivan of the Forkbridge Police Department.

Things seem to be going well.

I don’t give Gloria Fisher much thought when she comes in for a reading with Ami at Mom’s New Age shop. She suspects Will, her alcoholic husband, is cheating on her. It’s basically the same reading as half of Ami’s readings. But when the star card drops and glows pointing toward her husband’s danger and the goddess’s demand he be saved, I realize the gods really might be crazy.

My investigation further devolves into chaos when a painting Will Fisher insured goes missing. What’s even worse? Detective Emma Sullivan thinks he might’ve been in on the scheme.

Can I find the painting, clear the man, and keep his whole life policy in force? Or will William Fisher’s accidental death insurance pay out?