Against Owl Odds

Book 8 in the Owl Star Witch Mysteries

A mysterious car accident in the middle of the night.
A grieving widow under suspicion.
Can the Arden sisters uncover a husband’s secret life in time to stop a miscarriage of justice?


Astra Arden witnesses a car accident on her way home from a party in Cassandra. When she stops to assist, she discovers that the driver, local importer Steve Stemple, hadn’t simply wrecked his car—he’d been shot and killed prior to the crash. When the victim’s grieving widow Julie Stemple shows up the following morning at the Arden family’s new age shop and the goddess Athena’s star card glows, Astra realizes Mrs. Stemple may be next on a murderer’s hit list.

With Astra’s best friend, Detective Emma Sullivan, on vacation, Astra turns to her sisters for help—and realizes they’re not the only ones interested. Steve Stemple’s ‘friend’ Erika is also on the case, hoping to uncover his killer—but she may have more on her mind than justice.

Can Astra discover the true motive for the murder, or will she be the next target of a killer who’ll stop at nothing to cover his tracks?

Owl About Yule is the eighth book in the mythologically-infused Owl Star Witch Mysteries.