Against Owl Odds

Book 8

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #8
Genre: , ,

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When the star card glows in the direction of a vampire, Astra wonders how she's supposed to stop him from dying—since he's already dead.

Astra Arden is a witch with a knack for rescuing folks from precarious predicaments. But when the star card flips over for an obnoxiously rude and dedicatedly evil vampire at a local fundraiser, Astra thinks the goddess may be off her divine rocker.

The mandate is complicated further when another vampire is discovered dead outside Sanguine, the local vampire club where the fundraiser was held—which just happens to be owned by Astra's best friend's brother, vampire Rex Sullivan.

Astra must unravel the secrets of Central Florida's vampire population in order to get to the bottom of the murder. Secrets the vampires definitely don't want brought into the light.

Will Astra be able to solve the case and catch the killer, or will the mystery remain as elusive as a rare blood type?