Owl’s Fair

Book 2

Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #2
Genre: ,

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Astra Arden had never expected to come back to Florida—let alone embark on a new career with a talking owl sidekick and a goddess who knew when someone was about to die. But when Alice Windrow, a philanthropic young woman from the small town of Forkbridge, comes to her sister Ami for a card reading, Astra's life takes a turn for the unexpected.

Alice claims she just wants assurance that her marathon will go off without a hitch—but the glowing star card reveals that someone wants her dead. Can Astra and her sister unravel the plot in time to save Alice? Or will the generous girl find her marathon is officially over—for good?

The Owl Star Witch Mysteries are a wild ride full of twists, turns, and clues—and enough magical mayhem to make even the most hardened witch laugh out loud. Follow Astra and her talking owl, Archie, on a journey of magical misadventures, and see if they can save Alice from her doom.