Owl’s Fair

Book 2Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #2

I get the divine talking owl bit. I understand the part about star magic. But if the “goddess” knows someone’s going to die, couldn’t she send a file with information on how to stop it instead of a sparkly card?

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As a witch who was used to being told where to go and what to do for the greater good—after all, that’s how the witch military worked—being told what to do with the rest of my life by a goddess I didn’t believe in and a talking owl with a chip on his shoulder wasn’t all that far-fetched. The military prepared me to accept all sorts of things that make no sense.

But at least in the military, I had a manual.

During Alice Windrow’s card reading with my sister Ami, the glowing star card announces she is marked for death by someone and marked for rescue by the “goddess Athena.” Mom tells me the cheerful girl is known throughout Forkbridge for her philanthropy (funded by a distant relative’s substantial inheritance.) Alice claims she only wanted assurance that the marathon she sponsored will come off without a hitch. Nothing crazy going on in her life.

And yet someone wants her dead.

Can we unravel the plot in time to stop Alice’s murder? Or will the generous girl find that her marathon is officially over—for good?