Owl’s Fair

Book 2 in the Owl Star Witch Mysteries

A glowing card on an altar.
A generous philanthropist destined for death.
Can Astra discover who wants an heiress killed before the plot crosses the finish line?

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Once Astra Arden realized her life’s direction had been chosen for her by the goddess Athena, the former witch tracker did her best to adjust. After all, there were destinies you could fight to change, and there were destinies that, when refused, might get you turned into a stone statue for eternity.

When the altruistic Alice Windrow comes to Athena’s Garden for a tarot card reading, the cheerful young woman seems to not have a care in the world. Known throughout the town for her philanthropy funded by a distant relative’s substantial inheritance, she only wishes assurance that the marathon she sponsored will come off without a hitch.

The reading takes a turn when Athena’s glowing Star Card flips—showing someone has it in for the innocent Alice.

Can Astra and her sisters unravel the plot in time to stop Alice’s murder? Or will the generous girl find that her marathon is officially over—for good?

Owl’s Fair is the second book in the mythologically-infused Owl Star Witch Mysteries.