Owl Spell Broke Loose

Book 9Series: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #9

I told Emma I didn’t want to come camping on this tropical island—and that was before I realized the festival on Owl Key was run by a warring self-help cult, and the island was claimed by a mysterious goddess with a hidden agenda.

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When Emma suggested Jason and I spend a week at a four-day, four hundred person festival of health and self-discovery with my best friend and her boyfriend sounded like the perfect way for me to help my fizzling relationship. So I agreed, picturing cabanas and tropical drinks.

Instead, I got a pop-up tent, green juice, a meddling goddess, and a murder.

When an unexplained storm hits and communications with the mainland are cut off, Archie and I have to figure out whether it’s just a coincidence or someone on the island is trying to help themselves a little too much.