Boozehounds and Ball Drops

Boozehounds and Ball Drops

A bright and festive holiday season.
A non-stop bacchanal in the streets.
Can Fortuna discover why the citizens of Mystic's End are acting so strange?

As the town of Mystic's End prepares for its annual holiday celebration, Fortuna is excited for a respite from the drama. Sure, Pepper still thinks there's corruption around every corner. Yes, Martin's still trying to convince her to go out with him. And, okay, Gabe is sulking a little while coming to terms with Miss Bessie's secret.

But it's nothing a little turkey, egg nog and caroling can't fix, right?

At least, that's what she thinks until the Mystic's End inhabitants start acting... strange. Hedonistic, drunken raves at midnight. Revelry until dawn at the old folks' home. Carousing ending in vandalism at the greyhound track... none of it makes any sense. As the people party on and the town falls apart, Fortuna's nemesis Chief Clutterbuck is forced to admit he had no explanation—and he thinks the cause might be supernatural.

Will Fortuna be able to save the spellbound bon vivants of Mystic's End while hiding the full extent of her magical powers from the chief? Or will her help expose all her secrets once and for all?

Owl Shook Up

Owl Shook Up

When Aunt Gwennie’s famous snickerdoodles go missing before the annual cookie competition, Astra and her sisters prepare for a bitter battle over the sweet treats. But the trouble turns deadly when Aunt Gwennie’s rival, Agatha Blackwell, is found dead with a snickerdoodle stuffed in her mouth.

With Archie’s help, Astra dives into the cutthroat competition of Forkbridge’s baking scene. Secrets are simmering about Agatha’s controversial new recipe, stolen ingredients, and suspected poisonings. As she sifts through motives and investigates shifty behavior behind the scenes, Astra discovers that she may be in over her head.

Can Astra clear Aunt Gwennie’s name and crack the case before the cookie crumbles? Or will the sisters watch Aunt Gwennie's cookie legacy come crashing down like an underbaked soufflé?

Find out in this delectable tale filled with baked goods, betrayal, and bewitching hijinks galore.

Star of Sage & Scream

Welcome to Forkbridge, a sleepy Florida town where magic, mystery, and family secrets intertwine...

Life's taken an unexpected turn for Astra Arden, a former paranormal military tracker. After losing her job, she returns to her quirky hometown and the sprawling Arden House. But there's more to this homecoming than meets the eye, as Astra soon discovers — in a whirlwind of magic, adventure, mystical creatures, and endless family drama.

Life in Forkbridge would be bliss if Astra could only embrace her new goddess-granted powers, solve a high-profile kidnapping, and navigate the complexities of reconnecting with her priestess mother and three gifted sisters – all while staying out of mortal peril!

Visit this small town with hidden depths, strange happenings, and a snarky magical owl with a mind of its own.

Scry Harder

Scry Harder

A new year, a new crime.
The charred remains of a brand new coffee shop.
Can Fortuna uncover the spark that set off new drama in Mystic's End?

The end of the chaotic holiday season couldn't come fast enough. Now that Gabe's settled into a new career, the town has settled into relative normalcy, and Martin has accepted the fact that Fortuna won't be jumping every time he makes a demand, the witch finally feels like she and Miss Bessie can focus on the magic secrets of the town she's sure are hidden just below the surface.

But then the new town coffee shop goes up in flames—along with all her plans.

When victim Dalida Dodd hires Gabe to investigate the arson that set her business ablaze, Fortuna can't help but worry that the newcomer isn't being completely honest with the earnest detective. As Gabe is pulled further and further into Dalida's drama, Fortuna has no choice but to dust off her crystal ball and help set things right.

Will Fortuna be able to douse the flames threatening to consume her friend Gabe? Or will her help expose too many secrets, threatening them all?

Owl Be Enchanted

Owl Be Enchanted

Astra Arden’s plans for a quiet Halloween in Forkbridge, Florida, are shattered when a mysterious music box lands on her doorstep, accompanied by a chilling warning of an ancient evil set to be unleashed. With time running out and the fate of her hometown hanging in the balance, Astra must unravel the artifact’s secrets before the witching hour strikes.

But that’s not the only trick-or-treat in store for our favorite witch.

While Astra races against the clock with her snarky owl familiar Archie by her side, her dashing werewolf boyfriend hints at an imminent question she’s not quite ready to answer. And if that wasn’t enough to make your cauldron bubble, a visiting fortune teller from Cassandra drops a bombshell prediction that one of the Arden sisters will soon meet an untimely end.

Will Astra be able to break the music box curse, navigate her love life, and unmask the truth before it’s too late? Or will this Halloween turn out to be the disaster she fears?