Owl Melt with You

When witch Astra Arden agrees to a Valentine's Day date with Jason Bishop, she expects a romantic evening filled with chocolates and champagne—not bread and water in a jail cell.

Astra is excited to spend Valentine's Day with handsome local middle school teacher Jason Bishop—but things take a turn for the unexpected when a retired local teacher Unity Priestpoint turns up dead, shot and stuffed in a trunk covered in magical symbols.

As if the murder of a retired local teacher wasn't enough, Astra's date Jason becomes the prime suspect.

In order to clear his name and have any hope of going on their first date, Astra must dive headfirst into the investigation even as her best friend, Detective Emma Sullivan, moves to arrest Jason for murder. Will Astra be able to uncover the truth in time and save their budding relationship before it's too late?

Or will she be left dateless for the next twenty-five to life?

Irrelephant Omens

Irrelephant Omeans

Another poisoned ringmaster.
Colliding portents.
As dark forces gather, one witch must break the circus free of fate before destiny destroys them all.

Charlotte is at the end of her tether. With her best friend lecturing her about the past, a mysterious old woman demanding she comply with the future, and signs everywhere pointing in opposite directions, she’s not sure how her argumentative band of misfit carnies will be able to defeat the Witches’ Council.

When her boyfriend’s father, the only other magical Ringmaster, is found unconscious, Charlotte determines that she must unravel the mystery, protect the rival circus and save the cantankerous man–only to be told that to do so would defy the omens that say his death must take place.

Will Charlotte rebel and save the dying Ringmaster? Or will she let the rival circus fall and her boyfriend’s father die?

Bring Your Beach Owl

Book 7

When Astra Arden and her sisters head to the Florida coast for a relaxing spring break, they expect to be knee-deep in warm ocean waves—not a murder investigation.

When Astra takes herself and her witchy sisters to the coast for a much-needed break, she expects nothing more than a relaxing holiday. But when their cousin Amelia washes up on the beach dead, she knows there's more to the story than the police are letting on.

With shape-shifting fish lurking around every corner and a sassy mermaid's secrets churning beneath the pier, Astra has to jump in and protect her sisters while investigating Amelia's mysterious death—a wild ride that leads the police to point the finger straigt at the Arden sisters.

Will they be able to prove their innocence in time? Or will they succumb to the depths below?

A Call to Charms

A Call to Charms

A human conspiracy.
A paranormal secret.
Can the most powerful witch on the planet find her missing friend without exposing her powers to the world?

With Gunther back at the Makepeace Circus and her romantic relationship’s future in question, what Charlotte really needs is some peace, quiet and time to think. A cauldron call from her mother about the mysterious disappearance of Tabitha Stevens in Mickwac, however, brings the Magical Midway back to the human world and face to face with the secrets of her small Texas hometown.

As Charlotte pieces together the confidential conspiracies and concealed ambitions of the Mickwac criminal elite, she comes face to face with hints that her own secrets may be far more known than they should be—and those secrets could be at the center of a conspiracy that threatens the Magical Midway and all those she cares about.

Can Charlotte find Tabitha, protect the circus’s secrets, and stop the conspiracy—before it’s too late?

Against Owl Odds

Book 8

When the star card glows in the direction of a vampire, Astra wonders how she's supposed to stop him from dying—since he's already dead.

Astra Arden is a witch with a knack for rescuing folks from precarious predicaments. But when the star card flips over for an obnoxiously rude and dedicatedly evil vampire at a local fundraiser, Astra thinks the goddess may be off her divine rocker.

The mandate is complicated further when another vampire is discovered dead outside Sanguine, the local vampire club where the fundraiser was held—which just happens to be owned by Astra's best friend's brother, vampire Rex Sullivan.

Astra must unravel the secrets of Central Florida's vampire population in order to get to the bottom of the murder. Secrets the vampires definitely don't want brought into the light.

Will Astra be able to solve the case and catch the killer, or will the mystery remain as elusive as a rare blood type?