Owl’s Fair

Book 2

Astra Arden had never expected to come back to Florida—let alone embark on a new career with a talking owl sidekick and a goddess who knew when someone was about to die. But when Alice Windrow, a philanthropic young woman from the small town of Forkbridge, comes to her sister Ami for a card reading, Astra's life takes a turn for the unexpected.

Alice claims she just wants assurance that her marathon will go off without a hitch—but the glowing star card reveals that someone wants her dead. Can Astra and her sister unravel the plot in time to save Alice? Or will the generous girl find her marathon is officially over—for good?

The Owl Star Witch Mysteries are a wild ride full of twists, turns, and clues—and enough magical mayhem to make even the most hardened witch laugh out loud. Follow Astra and her talking owl, Archie, on a journey of magical misadventures, and see if they can save Alice from her doom.

Captive Magic

Captive Magic

A witch bottle in a dead man's hand.
A Mystic's End councilman shot dead.
Can Fortuna solve the case and free the spirit, or will the bottle disappear into evidence forever?

Fortuna's finally feeling like things are starting to go her way. Her magical prowess continues to flourish under the tutelage of Miss Bessie and the spirited coven of ghost witches. Martin's making progress finding homes for the retired greyhounds. Gabe is happy in his new relationship and his new job as a private eye. Pepper's finally being taken seriously as an investigative reporter—much to her boyfriend Ollie's delight.

But when Councilman Conrad Noble is shot dead in his office clutching a witch bottle in his hands, Fortuna must spring into action to solve the murder—the only way Chief Clutterbuck will release it from the magically-warded evidence basement.

Can Fortuna solve the murder, hide the knowledge of the bottles from Clutterbuck, and free the captive ghost in the bottle? Or will the bottle, and the confined witch, disappear into the department's basement forever?

Magic’s A Hoot

Book 3

When Astra Arden returns to Forkbridge, Florida, she's not sure what to expect. But her mother, the high priestess of the goddess Athena, is beginning to relax, her three sisters are becoming more at ease with her, and even her divine talking owl, Archie, is settling in.

Things seem to be going well until Gloria Fisher comes in for a reading. Gloria suspects her alcoholic husband, Will, is cheating on her, but Astra soon discovers that the "divine logic" behind the situation is much more complicated.

When a painting Will insured goes missing, Detective Emma Sullivan of the Forkbridge Police Department suspects he might be involved in the scheme. Now, with the help of her divine owl Archie, Astra must find the painting, clear Will's name, and keep his whole life policy in force.

Can Astra save the day? Or will William Fisher's accidental death insurance pay out? Find out in the Owl Star Witch Mysteries' third book, Magic's a Hoot, a humorous paranormal cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the final page.

Witchiest Circus on Earth

Withiest Circus on Earth

Magic under the big top.
Murder under investigation.
Can a non-practicing witch save the family business and live to see the encore?

Charlotte never had the choice to follow in her family’s magical footsteps. Her parents decided decades ago to live amongst the humans and leave the mystical circus far behind. But when her ringmaster uncle is murdered and wills her the family’s magical business, she feels the pull to step back under the big top. As she harnesses the awesome powers of the enchanted performance, she vows to bring her uncle’s killer to justice.

In the midst of juggling her investigation, running the show, and navigating rival groups of carnies, the human-phobic Witches Council schemes to replace her faster than a flying trapeze. With threats coming from both sides of the tent, Charlotte must unmask her uncle’s murderer before the legendary circus takes its final bow.

Heavy Meddle Magic

Book 4

When witch Astra Arden and her best friend Detective Emma Sullivan are sent to investigate a string of arson cases in the psychic medium capital of the world, they get more than they bargained for.

Investigating a spate of mysterious arson cases in Cassandra, Florida–the self-proclaimed psychic medium capital of the world—Astra and Emma juggle accusations from the town's eccentric inhabitants as well as the mayor's questionable relationship with their boss.

With Halloween tourists flooding the place, ghostly inhabitants of the famous haunted town vanishing, and homes along Main Street going up in smoke, the stakes have never been higher.

Is there a conspiracy wafting through the homes of Cassandra like a poisonous incense? Or is it just filled with super weird people that need to take their heads out of their sage smoke?