Owl Shook Up

Owl Shook Up

When Aunt Gwennie’s famous snickerdoodles go missing before the annual cookie competition, Astra and her sisters prepare for a bitter battle over the sweet treats. But the trouble turns deadly when Aunt Gwennie’s rival, Agatha Blackwell, is found dead with a snickerdoodle stuffed in her mouth.

With Archie’s help, Astra dives into the cutthroat competition of Forkbridge’s baking scene. Secrets are simmering about Agatha’s controversial new recipe, stolen ingredients, and suspected poisonings. As she sifts through motives and investigates shifty behavior behind the scenes, Astra discovers that she may be in over her head.

Can Astra clear Aunt Gwennie’s name and crack the case before the cookie crumbles? Or will the sisters watch Aunt Gwennie's cookie legacy come crashing down like an underbaked soufflé?

Find out in this delectable tale filled with baked goods, betrayal, and bewitching hijinks galore.

Star of Sage & Scream

Welcome to Forkbridge, a sleepy Florida town where magic, mystery, and family secrets intertwine...

Life's taken an unexpected turn for Astra Arden, a former paranormal military tracker. After losing her job, she returns to her quirky hometown and the sprawling Arden House. But there's more to this homecoming than meets the eye, as Astra soon discovers — in a whirlwind of magic, adventure, mystical creatures, and endless family drama.

Life in Forkbridge would be bliss if Astra could only embrace her new goddess-granted powers, solve a high-profile kidnapping, and navigate the complexities of reconnecting with her priestess mother and three gifted sisters – all while staying out of mortal peril!

Visit this small town with hidden depths, strange happenings, and a snarky magical owl with a mind of its own.

Owl Be Enchanted

Owl Be Enchanted

Astra Arden’s plans for a quiet Halloween in Forkbridge, Florida, are shattered when a mysterious music box lands on her doorstep, accompanied by a chilling warning of an ancient evil set to be unleashed. With time running out and the fate of her hometown hanging in the balance, Astra must unravel the artifact’s secrets before the witching hour strikes.

But that’s not the only trick-or-treat in store for our favorite witch.

While Astra races against the clock with her snarky owl familiar Archie by her side, her dashing werewolf boyfriend hints at an imminent question she’s not quite ready to answer. And if that wasn’t enough to make your cauldron bubble, a visiting fortune teller from Cassandra drops a bombshell prediction that one of the Arden sisters will soon meet an untimely end.

Will Astra be able to break the music box curse, navigate her love life, and unmask the truth before it’s too late? Or will this Halloween turn out to be the disaster she fears?

Owl’s Fair

Book 2

Astra Arden had never expected to come back to Florida—let alone embark on a new career with a talking owl sidekick and a goddess who knew when someone was about to die. But when Alice Windrow, a philanthropic young woman from the small town of Forkbridge, comes to her sister Ami for a card reading, Astra's life takes a turn for the unexpected.

Alice claims she just wants assurance that her marathon will go off without a hitch—but the glowing star card reveals that someone wants her dead. Can Astra and her sister unravel the plot in time to save Alice? Or will the generous girl find her marathon is officially over—for good?

The Owl Star Witch Mysteries are a wild ride full of twists, turns, and clues—and enough magical mayhem to make even the most hardened witch laugh out loud. Follow Astra and her talking owl, Archie, on a journey of magical misadventures, and see if they can save Alice from her doom.

Magic’s A Hoot

Book 3

When Astra Arden returns to Forkbridge, Florida, she's not sure what to expect. But her mother, the high priestess of the goddess Athena, is beginning to relax, her three sisters are becoming more at ease with her, and even her divine talking owl, Archie, is settling in.

Things seem to be going well until Gloria Fisher comes in for a reading. Gloria suspects her alcoholic husband, Will, is cheating on her, but Astra soon discovers that the "divine logic" behind the situation is much more complicated.

When a painting Will insured goes missing, Detective Emma Sullivan of the Forkbridge Police Department suspects he might be involved in the scheme. Now, with the help of her divine owl Archie, Astra must find the painting, clear Will's name, and keep his whole life policy in force.

Can Astra save the day? Or will William Fisher's accidental death insurance pay out? Find out in the Owl Star Witch Mysteries' third book, Magic's a Hoot, a humorous paranormal cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the final page.