Of Owl the Nerve

Of Owl the NerveSeries: The Owl Star Witch Mysteries #13
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When Emma and Eddie's wedding preparations kick into high gear in Forkbridge, Florida, Astra Arden, Emma's best friend and witch extraordinaire, is eager to play her part. But a deadly accident at the rehearsal dinner throws a wrench in the festivities.

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As Emma’s big day approaches, Astra is caught in a whirlwind of wedding shenanigans—which she isn't exactly thrilled about. But when an intoxicated guest chokes to death at the rehearsal dinner, Astra's excitement quickly turns to suspicion.

Increasingly mistrustful of the guests and their dubious motives, annoyed that best man Lothian is there every time she turns around, and frustrated that Archie—Astra's mischievous familiar owl—keeps helping himself to the catered snacks instead of helping her solve the case, can Astra uncover the truth behind this mysterious mishap and save the wedding from disaster?

Find out in "Of Owl the Nerve," the latest installment in The Owl Star Witch Mysteries series, filled with laughter, love, and just a hint of magic.