When Curse Comes to Love

When Curse Comes to Love

Series: Magical Midway Paranormal Cozy Series #8
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The last two paranormal circuses.
A marriage of inconvenience.
Can Charlotte and Gunther bring their worlds together—before everything falls apart?

With the citizens of the Magical Midway and the Makepeace Circus at each other's throats, Charlotte and Gunther find themselves unexpected newlyweds abruptly put in charge of an unanticipated melding of historic enemies. As Ms. Elkins and Roland Makepeace duke it out for the new couple's allegiance and familiars Samson and Delilah fight it out for control, both circuses are sent into a panic when all of the Galenite witch cats disappear overnight.

Can Charlotte come to terms with her accidental marriage, join her circus with Gunther's, and find out what happened to the Galenite witches? Or does the cats' disappearance indicate that the 13th Witch prophecy wasn't really resolved at all?

Read the final book in the Magical Midway series!