Owl About Yule

Book 5

Do you remember the Christmas story about the chain-rattling ghosts who taught life lessons? Well, how about a Yule tale involving a beachfront mansion, multiple Greek gods, an Orphic priest, and a kidnapped divine panther?

Witch Astra Arden expects a quiet holiday with her family and persnickety owl, Archie. She does not expect a Dionysian priest on the Ardens' doorstep bringing news that the Greek god's beloved panther has gone missing. Even worse? Dionysus is accusing his sister—the goddess Athena—of the prank, causing a divine argument that threatens to ruin Astra's holiday.

Astra struggles to navigate the drama between the bickering gods while being drawn deeper into a dangerous mystery that threatens the holiday festivities and the life of the Orphic priest—all because her partner Emma can't contain her excitement over a real paranormal case.

But as they try to restore peace between the gods, Astra realizes that this may be a mystery far more complicated than she ever could have imagined.

Filled with eccentric gods, a kidnapped divine panther, and a touch of holiday magic, this fantasy cozy mystery will keep you laughing and guessing until the very end.

Life on the Lion

Life on the Lion

A missing mentalist.
A magical ultimatum.
To save the family business, one witch must pull something spectacular out of her hat.

For newly-minted witch Charlotte, moving from the human realm to life in the magical circus is still a tightrope walk. But when the crooked Witches’ Council passes a law that gives her a week to hand over two of her friends, she wonders if she’s in for a big fall. To make matters worse, one of the humans in question goes missing before she can even think up a plan.

As she sorts through the clues, she fights off her feelings for the kind and handsome Gunther. With time running out, she can’t ignore the possibility that her crush could somehow be involved in the plot against her family. To protect her business and her life, she’ll have to find the carny, guard her heart, and hold off the Council before it’s far too late.

Tacos, Tarot, and Murder

Tacos, Tarot, and Murder

A festive Cinco de Mayo celebration.
A Mexican hairless cat with a prophecy.
A murder most foul amid the fiesta.

As the small town of Tablerock, Texas prepares for its annual Cinco de Mayo festival, Ellie and Evie Rockwell were counting on a day filled with tacos, perhaps a pinata or two, and a fiesta of feline fun at Silver Circle Cat Rescue. Instead, they’re served a stiff dose of reality when the town’s eccentric tarot card reader Luna Espinoza is found face-down in her award-winning margarita mix.

What’s more, Silver Circle’s newest feline resident, the reader’s mysterious Mexican hairless cat named Mystico, has some chilling messages from Luna in the great beyond—and the tarot reader insists her murder won’t be the last.

As Cinco de Mayo turns from a celebration into a murder investigation, Ellie and Evie must use their unique ability to communicate with the cats of Silver Circle to unravel the mystery. But with so many potential suspects who wanted the tarot reader out of the picture, they’ll need more than a deck of cards to identify the killer.

Can Ellie and Evie reveal the murderer before they strike again? Or will the killer’s future remain hidden in the cards?

Owl Melt with You

When witch Astra Arden agrees to a Valentine's Day date with Jason Bishop, she expects a romantic evening filled with chocolates and champagne—not bread and water in a jail cell.

Astra is excited to spend Valentine's Day with handsome local middle school teacher Jason Bishop—but things take a turn for the unexpected when a retired local teacher Unity Priestpoint turns up dead, shot and stuffed in a trunk covered in magical symbols.

As if the murder of a retired local teacher wasn't enough, Astra's date Jason becomes the prime suspect.

In order to clear his name and have any hope of going on their first date, Astra must dive headfirst into the investigation even as her best friend, Detective Emma Sullivan, moves to arrest Jason for murder. Will Astra be able to uncover the truth in time and save their budding relationship before it's too late?

Or will she be left dateless for the next twenty-five to life?

Unbearable Magic

Unbearable Magic

A grizzly discovery.
A false accusation.
Can the most powerful witch on earth make the truth appear – before she disappears?

When the Magical Midway takes a week off to attend the Werebear Jamboree, Charlotte is grateful for a relaxing vacation away from the Witches’ Council attacks and all the problems they seem determined to bring. But when the werebear leader is murdered during the festival, all eyes turn suspiciously toward the most powerful witch in their midst.

With accusations coming from every corner and a conspiracy closing in around her, Charlotte and her friends realize that someone is determined to make her take the fall for the ghastly crime. But who? Can she unmask the real villain before she’s handed over to the Witches’ Council, punished for a crime she didn’t commit?