Heavy Meddle Magic

Book 4

You thought Forkbridge, Florida was odd. Cassandra, Florida? It’s even odder. And just my luck, Emma and I have to go investigate arson in the psychic medium capital of the world. During Halloween.

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The glowing star card doesn't turn over as frequently as I expected—I guess the "goddess" doesn't want to keep too many people alive. The Forkbridge Police Department, on the other hand, wants to keep everyone alive, including Cassandra's mayor.

Of course, that may have something to do with Mayor Thornton dating the Forkbridge Police Department captain.

But you didn’t hear that from me.

Houses of psychics are catching fire in Cassandra, and Mayor Thornton suspects a plot that even the town's spectral inhabitants can't solve—because they've all vanished. The town is overrun with Halloween tourists looking for communication with the dead that Cassandra's mediums can't provide, and the Mayor is concerned that her town—and her life—may be in danger.

Is there a conspiracy wafting through the homes of Cassandra like a poisonous incense? Or is it just filled with super weird people that need to take their heads out of their…sage smoke?

Witchiest Circus on Earth

Book 1

Magic under the big top.
Murder under investigation.
Can a non-practicing witch save the family business and live to see the encore?

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Charlotte never had the choice to follow in her family’s magical footsteps. Her parents decided decades ago to live amongst the humans and leave the mystical circus far behind. But when her ringmaster uncle is murdered and wills her the family’s magical business, she feels the pull to step back under the big top. As she harnesses the awesome powers of the enchanted performance, she vows to bring her uncle’s killer to justice.

In the midst of juggling her investigation, running the show, and navigating rival groups of carnies, the human-phobic Witches Council schemes to replace her faster than a flying trapeze. With threats coming from both sides of the tent, Charlotte must unmask her uncle’s murderer before the legendary circus takes its final bow.

Owl About Yule

Book 5

Do you remember the Christmas story about the chain-rattling ghosts who taught life lessons? Well, how about a Yule tale involving a beachfront mansion, multiple Greek gods, an Orphic priest, and a kidnapped divine panther?

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It’s my first Yule at Mom’s in fifteen years, and she can’t stop complaining about that. (That I hadn’t shown up for fifteen years, not that I was there.) It doesn’t make much of an impact, though—I have a great job as a psychic consultant with the Forkbridge Police Department, the “goddess” has been leaving me alone with no sparkly star cards in sight, and my family—including the persnickety owl, Archie—and I are getting along.

For the most part.

It appears that my holiday vacation will be uneventful until a Dionysian priest arrives on the Arden doorstep to report that the Greek god's favorite panther has vanished. Worse, the god accuses his sister, Athena, of the prank—and blames the priest for assisting her. Their divine argument threatens to derail our holiday festivities—and even the Orphic's life.

The absolute worst?

I don’t believe in any of this “gods” bunk, but Detective Emma Sullivan never met a mystery she didn’t want to solve—unfortunately, this one may be far more than she bargained for.

Life on the Lion

Book 2

A missing mentalist.
A magical ultimatum.
To save the family business, one witch must pull something spectacular out of her hat.

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For newly-minted witch Charlotte, moving from the human realm to life in the magical circus is still a tightrope walk. But when the crooked Witches’ Council passes a law that gives her a week to hand over two of her friends, she wonders if she’s in for a big fall. To make matters worse, one of the humans in question goes missing before she can even think up a plan.

As she sorts through the clues, she fights off her feelings for the kind and handsome Gunther. With time running out, she can’t ignore the possibility that her crush could somehow be involved in the plot against her family. To protect her business and her life, she’ll have to find the carny, guard her heart, and hold off the Council before it’s far too late.

Owl Melt with You

I’m a witch, so I have to ask the tough questions. Is it a bad omen to finally agree to go out on a date with someone only to have him land in jail, suspected of murder? I think that’s probably a bad omen.

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With the star card dim and the goddess Athena seemingly otherwise occupied, I was enjoying the chance to work on regular old boring human police cases. Humans are far less complicated than witches. Far less complicated.

Or so I thought.

Everything seemed to be going well—Mom and I were getting along, my sisters were doing good, and I’d agreed to go out with Jason Bishop on Valentine’s Day. Everything seemed to be coming up roses (and chocolates, and maybe even a little champagne) until Unity Priestpoint, a retired local teacher, was discovered shot dead and stuffed in a trunk covered in magical symbols.

Worse? Jason Bishop was the last person to see her alive and quickly becomes a suspect—putting me on the other side of the investigation from Detective Emma Sullivan

Can I clear his name before our first date, or will I spend Valentine’s Day eating takeout at the Forkbridge Jail?