Boozehounds and Ball Drops

Boozehounds and Ball Drops

A bright and festive holiday season.
A non-stop bacchanal in the streets.
Can Fortuna discover why the citizens of Mystic's End are acting so strange?

As the town of Mystic's End prepares for its annual holiday celebration, Fortuna is excited for a respite from the drama. Sure, Pepper still thinks there's corruption around every corner. Yes, Martin's still trying to convince her to go out with him. And, okay, Gabe is sulking a little while coming to terms with Miss Bessie's secret.

But it's nothing a little turkey, egg nog and caroling can't fix, right?

At least, that's what she thinks until the Mystic's End inhabitants start acting... strange. Hedonistic, drunken raves at midnight. Revelry until dawn at the old folks' home. Carousing ending in vandalism at the greyhound track... none of it makes any sense. As the people party on and the town falls apart, Fortuna's nemesis Chief Clutterbuck is forced to admit he had no explanation—and he thinks the cause might be supernatural.

Will Fortuna be able to save the spellbound bon vivants of Mystic's End while hiding the full extent of her magical powers from the chief? Or will her help expose all her secrets once and for all?

Of Owl the Nerve

Of Owl the Nerve

When Emma and Eddie's wedding preparations kick into high gear in Forkbridge, Florida, Astra Arden, Emma's best friend and witch extraordinaire, is eager to play her part. But a deadly accident at the rehearsal dinner throws a wrench in the festivities.

As Emma’s big day approaches, Astra is caught in a whirlwind of wedding shenanigans—which she isn't exactly thrilled about. But when an intoxicated guest dies at the rehearsal dinner, Astra's excitement quickly turns to suspicion.

Increasingly mistrustful of the guests and their dubious motives, annoyed that best man Lothian is there every time she turns around, and frustrated that Archie—Astra's mischievous familiar owl—keeps helping himself to the catered snacks instead of helping her solve the case, can Astra uncover the truth behind this mysterious mishap and save the wedding from disaster?

Find out in "Of Owl the Nerve," the thirteenth installment in The Owl Star Witch Mysteries series, filled with laughter, love, and just a hint of magic.

Star of Sage & Scream

Astra Arden had been through it all. After fifteen years of serving in the witch military, she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with their pink berets, dramatic drumming, and secret ops. But when the military was abruptly disbanded, Astra was left without a purpose.

Now thirty-three and living in her childhood home of Forkbridge, Florida, with a disapproving mother and three distant sisters, Astra has no idea what's in store for her. That is, until a talking owl, sent by the goddess Athena, appears with a special mission: Astra must unravel a potential murder lurking in the shadows of Forkbridge, and stop it before it can take place.

In The Owl Star Witch Mysteries, join Astra as she combines her military expertise with a bit of magical sleuthing to uncover the truth. This novel-length paranormal cozy mystery is full of unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.

Scry Harder

Scry Harder

A new year, a new crime.
The charred remains of a brand new coffee shop.
Can Fortuna uncover the spark that set off new drama in Mystic's End?

The end of the chaotic holiday season couldn't come fast enough. Now that Gabe's settled into a new career, the town has settled into relative normalcy, and Martin has accepted the fact that Fortuna won't be jumping every time he makes a demand, the witch finally feels like she and Miss Bessie can focus on the magic secrets of the town she's sure are hidden just below the surface.

But then the new town coffee shop goes up in flames—along with all her plans.

When victim Dalida Dodd hires Gabe to investigate the arson that set her business ablaze, Fortuna can't help but worry that the newcomer isn't being completely honest with the earnest detective. As Gabe is pulled further and further into Dalida's drama, Fortuna has no choice but to dust off her crystal ball and help set things right.

Will Fortuna be able to douse the flames threatening to consume her friend Gabe? Or will her help expose too many secrets, threatening them all?

Owl Out of Magic

Owl Out of Magic

When the Arden sisters are enlisted to sprinkle some magic on Forkbridge’s annual Halloween Festival, they expect nothing scarier than costume contests and jack-o’-lanterns. But the spooktacular celebration takes a sinister turn when Ayla finds Councilman Marcus Clinton’s body chillingly posed in a decorative coffin outside City Hall.

With Forkbridge transformed into a carnival of costumes, it’s nearly impossible to separate harmless tricksters from potential killers. Between a zombie flash mob, strange noises in city hall, and a woman walking the streets dressed up like the goddess Athena, there’s too much information and too few clues.

Can Astra and her sisters peel back the layers of the killer’s disguise, unmasking them before they blend into the ordinary? Or will the elaborate festival costumes shroud the true face of evil lurking among them?

The clock is ticking, and it’s more than just a game of trick or treat!