Crystals, Belladonna, and Murder

Book 1Series: Silver Circle Cat Rescue Mysteries #1

A cantankerous former mayor
A dead man with a secret.
A midlife magic gift with a murder mystery that keeps you guessing.

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After twenty-five years of being chained to a desk job, Eleanor Rockwell finally made her dream a reality. Before retirement age could issue the forty-five-year-old a watch, she packed up her things and moved a few miles north of Austin with her daughter, Evie, by her side. The mother and daughter started a Silver Circle Cat Rescue in the adorable western town of Scarville, Texas, and they never looked back at the life they’d left behind.

With Silver Circle Cat Rescue the county's largest shelter for lost kitties, it's no surprise when handsome Deputy Markham brings Belladonna, former mayor Fiona Blackwell's cat, after she's arrested for murdering her husband, Beau. But why did the Deputy bring a silver drink tray with strange markings and an otherworldly glow along with the sullen, angry cat—and why is Belladonna talking when she walks on it?

Before Ellie can get any real answers, Fiona Blackwell is murdered herself after a mysterious geriatric prison escape.

With all this death suddenly infecting the small town, and the sly black cat being cagey, Ellie is sure that Belladonna knows far more than she’s saying—can the Cat Rescue save the cat and crack the case?