Snowballs, Fluff, and Murder

Snowballs, Fluff, and Murder

Series: Silver Circle Cat Rescue Mysteries #5
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A blizzard of historic proportions.
A group of friends at odds.
A cold case suddenly heating up amidst the chill.

Tablerock, Texas is not a town accustomed to blizzards. But as a once-in-a-lifetime freeze buries the town under piles of snow and ice, life grinds to a frosty halt. For Ellie and Evie Rockwell it means being snowed in at the Silver Circle Cat Rescue with their circle of friends—all of whom are feeling the chill in more ways than one.

In an attempt to defrost the increasing tension among the group, they share stories of their past—including the unsolved murder of a local woman that has left a frosty shadow over Tablerock for years. The only witness was Fluff, the woman's kitten—who just so happens to be an elderly cat resident at the rescue.

In the midst of a blizzard and fraying friendships, Ellie, Evie, and their locked-in companions are plunged into their most chilling mystery yet. Can they solve the case before they're left out in the cold, or will the icy grip of the past freeze them out for good?

Unravel the mystery in "Snowballs, Fluff, and Murder", the fifth book in the Silver Circle Cat Rescue Mysteries.