Tacos, Tarot, and Murder

Tacos, Tarot, and Murder

Series: Silver Circle Cat Rescue Mysteries #6
Genre: ,

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A festive Cinco de Mayo celebration.
A Mexican hairless cat with a chilling message.
A murder most foul amid the fiesta.

As the small town of Tablerock, Texas prepares for its annual Cinco de Mayo festival, Ellie and Evie Rockwell were counting on a day filled with tacos, perhaps a pinata or two, and a fiesta of feline fun at Silver Circle Cat Rescue. Instead, they’re served a stiff dose of reality when the town’s eccentric tarot card reader Luna Espinoza is found face-down in her award-winning margarita mix.

What’s more, Silver Circle’s newest feline resident, the reader’s mysterious Mexican hairless cat named Mystico, has some chilling messages from Luna in the great beyond—and the tarot reader's cat insists she was murdered.

As Cinco de Mayo turns from a celebration into a murder investigation, Ellie and Evie must use their unique ability to communicate with the cats of Silver Circle to unravel the mystery. But with so many potential suspects who wanted the tarot reader out of the picture, they’ll need more than a deck of cards to identify the killer.

Can Ellie and Evie reveal the murderer before they strike again? Or will the killer’s future remain hidden in the cards?