November 2019 Update

I have posted the first book in the new Fortuna Delphi series for pre-order on Amazon. Since it’s a first-in-series, it will retail for just 99¢ permanently to give you a chance to see if you like it. There’s been a surprising amount of interest in it, and I’m really gratified that folks seem to be looking forward to it with such enthusiasm!

Writing-wise, I’m finishing up When Curse Comes to Love, the final book in the Magical Midway series. That one’s up for pre-order as well. As soon as that’s with the editor, I’ll start on Mystic End’s second book. That one will be released a few weeks after the first one (which, again, you can pre-order).

At the moment, and primarily because of the enthusiasm that I’m seeing for Fortuna’s series, 2020 looks like it’ll be a Mystic’s End year all the way through. I had contemplated starting a third series, but I’d rather get this one going with frequent releases before elongating your wait in between books with a new one.

2020 will also see a Magical Midway compendium released on the paranormal creatures in the Magical Midway—it’s currently being written entry by entry and released through my newsletter.

For those in the U.S., have a great Thanksgiving next week!