Owl Out of Magic

Owl Out of Magic

When the Arden sisters are enlisted to sprinkle some magic on Forkbridge’s annual Halloween Festival, they expect nothing scarier than costume contests and jack-o’-lanterns. But the spooktacular celebration takes a sinister turn when Ayla finds Councilman Marcus Clinton’s body chillingly posed in a decorative coffin outside City Hall.

With Forkbridge transformed into a carnival of costumes, it’s nearly impossible to separate harmless tricksters from potential killers. Between a zombie flash mob, strange noises in city hall, and a woman walking the streets dressed up like the goddess Athena, there’s too much information and too few clues.

Can Astra and her sisters peel back the layers of the killer’s disguise, unmasking them before they blend into the ordinary? Or will the elaborate festival costumes shroud the true face of evil lurking among them?

The clock is ticking, and it’s more than just a game of trick or treat!

The Greyt Escape

Book 5

A champion greyhound gone.
A sleazy detective out to get her student.
Can Fortuna find the hound before the inept Mystic’s End Police hound an innocent teen straight into prison?

When Mystic's End Racetrack asks Fortuna to paint a portrait of their champion racing greyhound before he's sold and sent off, she doesn't realize the controversy that swirls around the friendly dog. His owner recently died under mysterious circumstances amid a family feud fueled by intolerance—and now the champ's ownership is hotly debated. The drama lands the witch at ground zero of a simmering fury that's been years in the making.

When the dog disappears after his sitting, the Mystic's End Police Department turn their sights on Fortuna's young art student assistant, Azalea Cotton, after discovering her membership in an animal rights group. When Mystic’s End Police lock Azalea up for refusing to reveal where the dog is, Fortuna and Pepper must race to find the dog and clear the teenager's name.

Can Fortuna find the greyhound in time? Or will the Mystic's End Police Department finally lock up someone for a crime—even though they're innocent?

A Hoot and A Hex

The Ides of March bring mayhem and magic when Astra Arden and her sisters host the Roman-themed festival of Hilaria in Forkbridge. But the revelry comes screeching to a halt when Councilwoman Viola Tullus is found dead, entombed in concrete like a modern-day Roman building sacrifice.

With angry accusations flying as swiftly as Archie, Astra must sift through a myriad of motives to cement the truth. Could the killer be a disgruntled citizen seeking revenge against the controversial councilwoman? Was her desire to bulldoze family farms to make way for new developments simply too much for someone to bear?

Between keeping the festival running smoothly, managing her annoyed owl, and juggling her romantic relationship with the werewolf, Astra has her hands full. And with a clever killer masking themselves in the festival crowds, danger lurks around every toga-draped corner.

Can Astra catch the killer before Forkbridge falls like the Roman Empire? Or will the dark deeds continue under the cover of festivity? Find out in this delightful tale filled with twists, turns, and a talon-ful of trouble.