September 2020 Update

Since it’s almost the end of the month, I suppose I should get September’s update done!

This month, I got the first Boxed Set for Mystic’s End Mysteries up and out. Book 6—Boozehounds and Ball Drops—has been sent off to the editor and will be out on time. You can preorder it on Amazon now! Book 2—Angel in Demise—was released on audiobook this month, and Sketchy Charms is in production now. You can also now check out the cover and blurb for Book 8: Captive Magic. That’s also available for preorder.

For those of you that are a bit anti-mailing list (hey, I get it), I’ve now got a phone number where you can text me, and I can text you. Seriously. I’m not kidding. Just send a text to 512-359-3123 and you’ll get set up to be able to chat with me via text whenever you want, get notifications when a new book is out, and participate in text-only giveaways!

In October, I’ll be working on a short story about the Mystic’s End gang that will appear in a Christmas anthology with other fantastic cozy authors—more details when I have them—and after that I’ll be working on Scry Harder, Book 7 in the Mystic’s End series (due in January 2021.)

Hope everyone’s hanging in there!

Leanne Leeds